It was a beautiful sunny day, I rented an activa and decided to travel to Anjuna from Mandrem, just to visit Café Artjuna, only to later realize even Mandrem has a branch of café Artjuna. Anyway, old is gold, I’m glad I went to Anjuna, it was a great ride. I took a detour and even visited Parra, coconut road (Yes, the one from Dear Zindagi).

Everyone thinks Goa is all about parties, loud music, shacks, and of course radium bangles and necklaces. There is a Goa beyond the crowd, beyond alcohol (not against alcohol, you do you boo). There are these amazing cafes in the interiors of Goa. I love that many places in Goa now have vegan cafes as well. Everyone doesn’t like to party and it’s okay. It is great to explore the less explored places as well.

Artjuna Café isn’t a less explored café, I have been wanting to visit it since a while now, and I finally had the golden opportunity to go there a few months back. Most of my friends say what’s the point in going to Goa if you don’t get wasted, well I say what’s the point if you don’t explore something else instead of getting wasted and partying every time, you’re in Goa. Why not sit with your friends and have a nice chat, or sit by yourself and just be? You don’t have to constantly do something to prove your trip or life has been a grand success. Success can be in things as small as eating a cookie at a café all by yourself or taking a dip in the sea with your friend.

This isn’t a review of Artjuna. it’s just a blog to share, what I did on a sunny day in Goa.

Artjuna is a garden café and lifestyle shop tucked in a cute lane of Anjuna. Outside opposite the café gate is a parking space. The entrance is pretty, with the café name written on an exquisite wooden board, and then begins the lane of Art, as the name itself suggests “ARTJUNA”, paintings and artwork of various artists are hung along the lane.

 I walked a bit further and there was a vast seating area, people were having their brunch, a few of them were with their families, a few with friends, and a few were sitting alone just like me. Most importantly all of them were minding their business. No cold stares, no curious eyeballs gazing at a girl just because she is sitting all alone eating food meant for ten people. (Just kidding)

Soothing music was playing in the background, I could hear people talk, not loudly though. the surrounding area was covered with trees and plants. It was cozy in true sense. I will be adding pictures so that you get the exact idea. And someday just like me if you want to explore the cafes of Goa, you will visit Artjuna.

Honestly, Artjuna is the most unpretentious place I have been to in a while, the staff is so polite. They know what they’re serving, and they won’t rush you to place your order, or won’t make you feel like you don’t belong there. Even the management was kind, everything was calm and soothing. The crowd was nice.

Why am I writing a long essay if I am not going to review the place? Well, sometimes I just feel like giving special shootouts to such extraordinary places. They deserve it. I was really tired during this particular trip, different kind of tired, more of mental tiredness. This short brunch break didn’t set everything straight; however, it gave me time to think through a new perspective. I’m glad that occasionally I take such spontaneous breaks to declutter my mind. It is good to slow down and realize not everything in life is a race.

Coming back to my brunch story. I ordered a bunch of things, I was super hungry, to begin with, I ordered fresh watermelon juice, a small portion of Mozzarella sandwich, a small portion of hummus, and a small portion of a fruit bowl. (I did order food for ten people I guess). And for dessert, I ordered love at first bite, and guys I kid you not it was awesome. I fell in love at first bite.

The food was super fresh and tasty. Even the fruit bowl consisted of freshly cut fruits. The watermelon juice was freshly squeezed, it tasted naturally sweet, and it didn’t seem like any artificial sweetener was used.

Not many “so-called” food bloggers or foodies will agree with me, still, I feel not only is the vibe amazing but also the food is fresh and tasty. Many people vibe with the ambiance and complain about the food? what’s not to like? They have a vast menu. (It’s time for me to tell myself, calm down, to each his own boo)

So, if someday just like me you feel like going for brunch while you’re in goa, do consider visiting Café Artjuna. Also, do remember there are two Artjuna cafes. One in Anjuna, and the other one in Mandrem. You can visit any one of them according to your choice and convenience. Take some time off, visit this café which has the most pleasant vibes. You deserve this break, a small break to unwind and relax. Don’t be too hard on yourself, may happiness and peace always be with you. Signing off. Until next time amigos.

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