When mom came to visit me in Konkan, I wanted to take her to Malvan for a few days. We both like places with kind vibes, and simple homecooked food, and we both love beaches. I have been to Malvan quite a few times with mom, and just like me, my fam loves Malvan too.

There are plenty of options to stay in Malvan town, once quite Malvan now has a bunch of hotels in each lane, a few hyped, few unexplored nestled in the lap of nature. I have had the chance to stay at a few of these hotels/resorts in and around Malvan. I would like to share detailed reviews of my favorite stay options on thebrownwildflower, make sure you spare some time to read these reviews and share it with your friends.

I love slow traveling hence I avoid crowds and crowded places, anything too touristy simply isn’t for me, and especially during the Covid-19 crisis, my aim was to stay away from the crowd. Took me a few days to figure out which homestay to choose before finalizing the one mom and I both agreed upon.

After a fair amount of research, I zeroed down on Coconut cottage and made a reservation for three (me, mom, and my aunt) after personally speaking to our host, Mr. Omkar Palav I made sure his homestay was exactly what I was looking for. Peaceful surroundings, slightly away from the crowd, adjoining the beach, and homecooked simple meals. I’m glad I chose this place and if you ever plan to visit Malvan you must book your stay with the Palav’s. Their hospitality is top-notch and the boss ladies of Palav household make the most lip-smacking malvani meals you will have in Malvan town, trust me when I say this.

If you’re traveling by your own vehicle Coconut Cottage is easily accessible from the beach road (if you’re facing the beach from the Malvan jetty parking lot take a right, Coconut cottage is just a few meters away.)

  • COCONUT COTTAGE AT FIRST GLANCE: I entered coconut cottage via kalbadevi mandir road, I found the route quite interesting, total countryside feels. This place is surrounded by trees and the front side of the cottage is sea-facing, I was impressed with the surrounding, Sindhudurg fort is exactly in front of the coconut cottage (of course in the sea). Coconut cottage is a simple yet charming house away from the hustling crowd of Malvan. At first glance and my heart instantly said, It’s the perfect beach house for a family staycation, spot on the beach, clean rooms, and a beautiful garden dining area. Evening Chai+ beach view= Perfection. There is also another dining area adjoining the rooms.

The garden is well maintained, with tall coconut trees surrounding the beach house. Rooms are well equipped, and airconditioned, hot water is available for bathing. Rooms are well-lit and spacious, attached washrooms are clean and basic toiletries are provided. There is a dressing table provided inside the room. It’s the perfect getaway if you are traveling with family and friends.


They serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, as I mentioned the boss ladies of the Palav household make the most delicious meals. I absolutely loved their non-veg thalis, the best Surmai/Kingfish, pomfret, and prawns fry I have had in Sindhudurg. Fresh seafood is available on order every day. My mother is a vegetarian and she enjoyed her pure veg thalis as well. I wanted to try their Chicken thali, will definitely give it a try on my next visit.

The images won’t do justice to the actual taste of the food.


Rock garden Malvan is at a distance of 1km from Coconut cottage,

Sindhudurg fort jetty is at a distance of a few meters,

Jai Ganesh Mandir is at a distance of 400 meters,

Sarjekot fort is at a distance of 4.9km via Malvan-Achara road.

Tarkarli beach is at a distance of 7.8km,

Devbag Sangam is at a distance of 11.8km.

  • What I loved about Coconut Cottage:

There are certain places where you simply fit like the last piece of a puzzle and that is how it felt during my stay at coconut cottage. It’s a place that makes you feel like you’re at home away from home. The hospitality of we received from the Palavs is commendable.

I don’t know about your mother but mine rarely likes to dine outside or never really prefers staying in hotels, cleanliness and homecooked food prepared in hygienic conditions is always her concern, however, all her worries melted once she saw the maintenance of Coconut cottage and its surrounding. She loved staying at the coconut cottage more than I. We were treated like family by the hosts and were well taken care of. Mr. Omkar his wife and his parents were extremely thoughtful and kind, always smiling and attending to us and also guiding us regarding sightseeing whenever required. It’s been quite some time since we visited them, however, we still cherish the memories we made during our stay with the Palav’s.

What not to miss at Coconut cottage:

  • Fish thali and Solkadi.
  • Omelet Pav.
  • Sipping tea/coffee in garden area with amazing sea view.

My final verdict:

Location- 5/5,

Rooms- 4.5/5,

Food- 5/5,

Hospitality- 5/5,

Accessibility- 4.5/5,

Value for money- 5/5.

Will I visit again? Why is that even a question, I have to try their special chicken thali. Also, sit by the garden sip tea, and enjoy the view. I will visit sometime soon, maybe in early 2022.

 If you’re planning a vacation to Sindhudurg do visit the Coconut cottage, attaching the contact details below. You can contact Mr. omkar Palav for booking and other queries. Coconut cottage is also available for booking on MakeMyTrip and Goibibo. 

Note: This isn’t a sponsored blog, if I decide to write a sponsored blog in near future, I will make sure to mention it in bold letters. Since It’s been a year, I moved to Sindhudurg I want to share with you all the best of Konkan. Until next week, ciao.

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