It’s been over two months since I got inked. Yes, this is my first ever tattoo, and no It was not an impulsive decision at all. I always wanted to get inked, however, due to some other reasons, I kept delaying. I was mostly worried about whether my tattoo will heal quickly or not. (Issues people with chronic illness face).

After a lot of research and going through plenty of designs on Pinterest I decided to get inked. My tattoo says, “WARR;OR”. Semicolon as a tattoo is used as a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues. The Warrior in my tattoo stands for Chronic illness warrior.

Every tattoo tells a story, what is your story?

It took a while to write this particular blog, as I wanted to make sure my tattoo is completely healed before I use this platform to share my experience. There are a bunch of things you should consider before getting a tattoo, however, I would like to share the top 5 things to know before you get inked.

  1. Tattoos are permanent:

Now you will say we know that. We know everything yet end up taking hasty decisions. We all know Tattoos are cool, they have deep meanings, they’re trendy, and also it’s fun and memorable to get matching tattoos, however, it is also important to remember they are also “permanent”, and that Is the first thing you need to consider before getting inked. Impulsiveness in this case is a bad idea. Please make sure you really want a tattoo before getting under the needle. Many people end up regretting their tattoos after impulsively getting one. All the love birds out there, are you hearing me? Be sure before you get your partner’s name inked. It PERMANENT. I’m repetitively saying the same thing, as I’ve seen people regretting their tattoos later in life.

  1. Finding the right tattoo artist and studio:

There are a bunch of tattoo artists around every corner these days, however, not all of them are experienced. Make sure you find the right tattoo artist for yourself, who has good experience in this field and knows what he/she is doing. Before fixing your final tattoo appointment, please make sure you have a brief chat with your tattoo artist, and make sure all your doubts are cleared. Find someone who will guide you with pre and post-tattoo care.

Don’t go to friends who have zero experience and want to experiment on you. Again, it is permanent, the tattoo can get infected if not done properly.

  1. Start small

I know big tattoos look gorgeous and it’s alluring to get one, however, I would suggest you start small, by doing so you will get an idea regarding your pain threshold. Wear loose and comfortable clothing while going to get a tattoo done. Your body is your temple decorate it one brick at a time. Getting smaller tattoos helps boost confidence. It’s easy to care for smaller tattoos, in the beginning, you understand your body’s healing process. So, please don’t rush it.

  1. Don’t fall for discounts:

Whether on Amazon or in person, discounts are hard to resist. I am not saying discounts are always bad. However, don’t compromise on the money factor while getting inked. The quality of ink, needles, and the artist’s hard work isn’t cheap. When you fall for cheap prices, the quality of your tattoo is hampered. A good tattoo shouldn’t require a touch-up for a minimum of 12 months. Make sure your tattoo artist knows what he is doing. Enquire about his experience, and go through his work. Don’t bargain, every artist needs to be duly paid.

  1. Post Tattoo care:

Make sure to strictly care for your tattoo for the next 15 days, apply tattoo gel provided by your tattoo artist, and don’t run your tattoo under water frequently. Let it heal and dry by itself.

Do not, I repeat Do Not peel your tattoo skin. The excess ink will come off on its own, you don’t have to peel anything. Don’t scratch or touch your tattoo for 2 full weeks. If any irritation persists, please contact your tattoo artist or a Doctor for further assistance.

These are a few basic tips I wanted to share before you get inked, I don’t have any expertise in this area, I can only guide you with what I have experienced.  the process of getting a tattoo means different to different people. Everybody has a different reason to get inked. However, these few tips might help you if you are going to get a tattoo done. Like I said every tattoo has a story, if you already have a tattoo do let me know your story.


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