Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything. – Plato.

I’m sitting in the coziest corner of my room, everything isn’t neat and tidy but it feels so good to curl up in my warm blanket and read a good book with a cup of hot chocolate, reading at night is pure bliss. It’s been a few days My WiFi is not working and i couldn’t care less(except i care little, i really want to upload this blog). Does something similar ever happen to you? You’re so engrossed doing your favorite thing, let it be reading, writing, painting, listening to music or anything else you truly love, that you barely notice other things around you. I love to read and write, reading has really helped me with my vocabulary, also reading consistently helped me become more creative as a writer. I have had the chance to read both on gadgets and our original print Paperback books, and as it’s aptly said old is good, i love my Paper backs way too much.

Paperback books are gold for me! Reading a paperback brings along endless childhood memories, reading a actual print book is an emotion for most of us, even though reading on a gadget has its own special place, but if I’ve to choose between the two I will always choose reading a print book. When I was 9, I would hold my dad’s hand and stroll through the book store aisles, he helped me choose the right books, it was a mixture of fairy tales, adventure, mystery, geographical and historical books, all paperback or hardcover, well we didn’t have kindles back in the late 90s, not complaining though. I would flip through the pages smell my books and literally hug them tight. I was 11 when I fell really sick, I read a lot during that month, with no school or play time allowed books kept me company, I realized how much I enjoyed reading and learning new things. Kids back in the ’90s read books, not Wikipedia. We also had Britannica encyclopedia back then. My love for reading started at a very tender age, my mind was molded by the classic collection of books I read, I spent hours reading in my summer pillow and blanket fort I built at home, yes  kids in the 90’s were pretty classy and creative, I’m really thankful to be born in the 90’s, I had to use my brain to be creative, I didn’t have internet in the late 90’s to search for DIYs (now i open a creative DIY and end up on some random baking link and bake 2 different cakes which no one really wants to eat, i know I’m funny)
It’s difficult to explain my love for paperbacks in a few sentences, but the joy I get when flipping through pages is not found while reading the same book on an electronic gadget. Also,coffee and books are a thing, and my kind of thing, I love sipping coffee and reading for hours, it’s my way of unwinding during a hectic week, taking some time off and pampering myself, you should try it too, it’s relaxing. Better than a spa, also if you’re a coffee lover like me, it’s like a double treat. Spilling coffee on a print book doesn’t cause damage, the stain can be wiped off, its tried and tested, also if the stain doesn’t go it leaves a memory along. So, Here are five reasons I love my paperbacks.

  1. Reading a paperback book is an emotion –

    In the 90s print books is what we had, God! The mesmerizing scent of books, don’t tell me you haven’t ever smelled your books, well you should, call me crazy but That scent is just next level, it’s an emotion which is hard to explain, to know it, you have to feel it. The first thing i do after buying a book is smell it, then i make a hot cup of frothy coffee, book in one hand and steaming cup of magic in another, i sit in the favorite corner of my home, disconnect from the outside world and read for hours. Pure bliss. Do you ever feel nostalgic Going through your bookshelves? A collection of books that we grew up reading, beautiful memories from the past. Also Holidays remind me of my reading routine when i was younger, keeping the book by my bedside reading for long hours during summer and Christmas. What is your favorite memory related to reading and which is your favorite book?

  2. Books don’t need charging –

    Books don’t need charging instead they charge you, paperbacks work just fine without batteries, see I have got nothing against reading on gadgets, I like kindles too, but hey I’m old school, and just love how paperbacks make me feel. You take it along with you on vacation to some remote place, don’t charge it for 30days or a lifetime, your book will still work fine, it will still keep you company. I love to read at least for an hour every day it charges me with new ideas and renewed energy. With constant use of internet and social media, i feel i just don’t need another gadget when all i really want is comfort, i feel we’re getting too dependent on our phones and electronic gadgets for entertainment, and reading a book means far more to me than just entertainment, books are source of my creativity and energy.

  3. Maintaining books isn’t a difficult task –

    Now you may argue it’s tough to care for paperbacks for a longer period, well I have very old books too and with proper care, they’re still perfectly intact. We all should make it a habit to read consistently every day. Stay connected to your books, books nourish our mind and soul, least we can do to maintain them is by storing them in shelves, dusting them once in a while. Also if you Roll it and pack it for your travels and the book will still be intact without any damage. Books are not at all high maintenance, They maintain us instead. I dont have to worry about dropping my book, imagine dropping a gadget.( Yes, I’m most definitely capable of doing reckless things)

  4. Flipping through the pages –

    oh and the feeling of flipping through the pages, okay so I love turning one single page at a time, and flipping through multiple pages while smelling new books, that my friend is priceless, I don’t get that feeling when I read a book on any other electronic gadget. Also, flipping through the pages tells me about how far I’ve come and how far I’ve to go. A true book lover will relate to what I’m saying, don’t rush, go slow, feel the smallest of things you do in your day to day life, that itself is self-love, being aware of the things you do with great love for yourself without actually rushing things.


    The cutesy bookmarks, I love different types of stationery accessories, bookmarks being one of them, the feel bookmarks give you, see again paperbacks are a feeling, an emotion, books take you down your memory lane, they make you feel so ecstatic, Real bookmarks give more feel to the reading than a virtual one. Using text liners to highlight famous lines and quotes, underlining words, and learning new things, Making tiny notes. Do you like bookmarks? which is your most used accessory while reading ?

Just a suggestion if you’re planning to gift someone something, gift them a book, with a personal note, I’m sure years later they will remember your thoughtful gift. Also from today start reading for an hour, consider this as your me time, be more aware of the activities you’re doing and do them with much love, care and attention.

Last but not the least Bookshelves! Good god, I want a big bookshelf in my future home, consisting of my favorite books of different genres, I’m going to build myself a library. I don’t think there is anything like having too many books, when it comes to books it’s more the better. When I’m old selecting books from my bookshelf is going to be the only hard decision I will have to make in life, not even kidding, I also would love to build libraries in cities I have traveled through, libraries with coffee shops, Done, see you all in 2050!

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