Devbag is a beautiful village, situated in Konkan, Sindhudurg district of coastal Maharashtra. If you admire simplicity and want to spend a few days in the lap of nature, Devbag is the place for you.


The nearest station to Devbag is Kudal, which is approximately at the distance of 40.2km (1h 16min). Tejas Express and Jan Shatabdi express are the fastest running trains from Mumbai to Kudal (7h). You can take a direct Auto Rickshaw to reach your desired destination from Kudal station, the Fare is approximately ₹800, State transport Bus services are available from Kudal Bus depot to Malvan (29.7km, 57min), Fare is approximately ₹38, From Malvan bus depot again you can hire an Auto Rickshaw Fare ₹170. Malvan to Devbag distance is 5-7km depending on your actual destination.

Nearest Airport is Dabolim, which is approximately 135km from Devbag (3h 15min).

If you’re Traveling to Devbag via road from Mumbai the distance is approximately 540km, (10h 30min).

MSRTC buses are available from Mumbai to Malvan, Private buses run on this route too.

My Favourite mode of transport when i travel to Konkan is Train, they’re fast, comfortable, and efficient.


I took a train to kudal, and further traveled by an Auto Rikshaw till Devbag, the auto ride was long but a very interesting one. My journey to Devbag was pleasant, the sun was shining bright with slight drizzles. There were scarcely any vehicles on the road, just a few states transport buses, and private vehicles. After 25 odd kilometers I passed through a small village, and the mighty big Dhamapur bridge which took my breath away, I’m a huge admirer of Indian villages, the auto ride from Malvan to Devbag was a treat to my eyes, The Road joining Malvan town and Devbag is quite narrow, the roads are clean, with coconut trees on both sides of the roads, I could hear the bells ringing from a nearby temple. Such small things bring immense joy and a sense of peace to my mind.

The hotel I had booked was close to the beach, the staff was very welcoming. I could see the waves crashing roughly on the shore from my room, I instantly fell in love with Devbag.

I travel Solo to witness the beauty of nature, warmth, and hospitality of people belonging to different regions, I travel to eat different cuisines and to admire the beauty of different cultures.

Devbag is blessed with natural beauty, kind people, and wonderful culture.



If you read my blogs, you already know my love for beaches and sunsets. Devbag has a beautiful coastline, I enjoyed digging my toes in the soft sand and watching the sunset like there’s no tomorrow. If you too are a beach lover like me, you will love every minute spent at its blue crystal-clear coast. The place I was staying at was just a few steps away from the coast, throughout my stay I spent my evenings sipping piping hot masala Chai and looking at the sunset in awe. I don’t know the reason why this place was named Devbag, by my experience everything here is godly, sunsets, scenery, people, the entire atmosphere makes you believe this place was aptly named.


Devbag is famous for Devbag Sangam point, Confluence of River and Sea. At Devbag Sangam, the Karli river Joins the Arabian sea. This point includes sub-points like Seagull island, tsunami island and Dolphin point, I had to hire a boat to reach these points and it’s all worth it, the water is greenish-blue, the boat ride is slightly bumpy but the people in charge of the boats are skilled, they provide detailed information of the Sangam point also the places around it. There are a few eateries right at this point, ideal to drink tea and watch pretty sunsets.


Gobbled because I’m impatient when it comes to food, Malvani food is, without doubt, my favorite cuisine on earth, Malvani dishes have a generous amount of shredded coconut in it, and I love it. Fish fry at Devbag is the best, being a coastal village devbag offers fresh seafood. Prepared with malvani spices the seafood tastes very flavourful, try out fish thali at small food joints/ homestays. Solkadi is Konkan’s heartbeat, it’s a delicious drink prepared from coconut milk, kokum juice(agal), garlic, and chilies. Nothing beats a chilled glass of Solkadi with a tempting plate of fresh Seafood. Vegetarian food at Devbag is equally tempting, the vegetarian thali at devbag is Vegans Paradise. (Veg thali doesn’t consist of milk or milk products, plus the solkadi provided is vegan friendly)


Slight drizzles and evening walks are blissful. Devbag has quaint little lanes, perfect for evening strolls, I’m a traveler, not a tourist. When I’m amidst nature, I’m nature and nature is me. I loved the vibe of Devbag, it was very peaceful, just the birds chirping and dogs wagging their cute little tails around me. I personally feel if you want to explore any place, explore it by walking around like you belong there, talk to the locals, eat like a local and when you leave you will be one of them, You may leave the place after your holiday is over but the place will forever be a part of you and your memories. Every place leaves a long lasting impression on our mind, and Devbag made me feel special, the humble atmosphere not just made me fall in love with the place, but also made me love myself a little more.

Everyone might not feel the same about rural places. To be very honest not everyone travels/explores in the same way or with the same purpose, and it’s absolutely okay.

This is exactly how I spent three days at Devbag, Devbag filled my heart with peace and calm. I left for home with a huge smile on my face. (I had to drag myself back home, I could live at Devbag forever).

BEST TIME TO VISIT DEVBAG is after the monsoon, the climate is pleasant and fishing is resumed post-monsoon. Do visit Devbag after Covid-19 pandemic is officially over.

This is my experience of Solo travel to Devbag, let me know if you’ve visited this beautiful place. Stay tuned for more Konkan Blogs, till then Stay Happy, Stay Healthy.

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