Skincare is an extremely personal journey. One product doesn’t suit all. We all have different skin types (Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Combination) and textures based on several factors like genetics, lifestyles, living in different climatic conditions, and more. Even if two people have oily skin a certain product may or may not suit them both.

My skin is super oily and sensitive. I break out once in a while, especially before my period, to top it all I don’t have a healthy sleep schedule, I stay up at night to write in peace. Denial and Glowing skin don’t go well together. I have accepted my schedule, sleep pattern, traveling to places with diverse climatic conditions, hormonal imbalance, and sometimes poor eating habits are the major reasons my skin starts acting up. Acceptance is the first step to change certain habits, and slowly yet gradually I am getting there. I’m making better choices in order to have a healthy skin.

Before I go further, I want to add another important point, no skincare product is going to give you overnight results, there are a few things to consider for having healthy skin, first is Internal cleansing, i.e. mindful eating, proper sleep schedule, and adequate water intake, and for external maintenance, we can use organic skincare products that are suitable for our skin type.

So, you may ask, why is a travel and lifestyle blogger writing about skincare products?

I have decided to include products Made in India, in my day to day life. Be its skincare products, accessories, or anything else that we use in our routine. I started exploring skincare options available in India during 2017, and today in 2020 even though I feel I’ve come a long way, but I still have miles to go.

I have decided to write about products made in India, and write about them only after using them, as I don’t want to mislead my readers by raving about the product and giving false reviews.

The goal to include such blogs is to extend support and appreciation towards artist, artisans, Entrepreneurs, small scale business setups. Just sharing status updates will create awareness, but as a matter of fact, practicing what we preach will help us and our countries economy as well.

So, in mid-2017 I came across a brand called Plum Goodness, it was Plum Natur studio kohl kajal’s advertisement that drew me to their website (also the free kohl sharpener was a good deal) and that is when I made my first purchase on Plum Goodness. After that I remember ordering several things, all these products blew my mind.

This is my first time sharing my views about a brand and their products; I exactly don’t know how to begin (or end I can keep writing guys). I just hope you read it till the end.


First things first, Plum is an Indian brand. They sell 100% vegan, paraben-free, phthalate-free, Cruelty-free products, and they have a wide range of products for all skin types. Moisturizers, Serums, Scrubs, face wash, Face packs, Sunscreen lotions, cleansing balm. I use their products from the tea tree range, meant for oily and acne-prone skin.

The brown girl in me absolutely loved the fact that plum goodness does not believe in selling skin whitening products, kudos to them! No false claims, embrace your skin color ladies, also, appreciate all the women around you. We all come in different shades and each one of us is beautiful in our own unique way. Zero false claims, that’s the most attractive thing in a brand.

Another interesting and thoughtful concept by plum, recycling, and waste management, for every plum goodness plastic container you send back after using the product you receive shopping credits. It means once you are done using the product instead of throwing the plastic bottle in the trash, you can courier it back to plum, and they will give shopping credit worth ₹.50 in your inbox within 10-15days.  They also arrange for pick up. Isn’t this unique and extremely cool?

Let me list out a few products of plum I have previously used since the end of 2017, Plum kajal, Vanilla & Fig body wash (in 2018 I couldn’t find it on their site when I checked recently), Tea tree Body wash(2018), Vanilla and fig Body butter, Green tea face care set (Toner, Mask, Night gel, Face wash), I think I missed out on something. I loved all of their products, hands down. I believe in minimalistic living hence I couldn’t continue with all the products, but below I’m listing the products I am regularly using since 2017-2018 till the present and will continue using them.



I’m very picky about which skincare product goes on my skin. I like investing in good skincare as I know the kind of damage a wrong product can cause to my already irritated skin. I got this face mask when I ordered for the entire green tea kit. This is my go-to face mask, helps in gentle exfoliation, this is 60gms of genius, doesn’t irritate my skin, doesn’t dry it out completely. My skin feels super fresh and rejuvenated. I use this mask once a week. I love the tea tree fragrance and the smooth texture of this clay mask. No false claims, it just helps me maintain my skin. With all the traveling I feel my skin goes through a lot, this pack helps me relax after a tiring solo trip.

  • Green Tea alcohol-free toner

There are toners out there that did more damage than good, I was young and naïve and invested in brands with false claims and ended up pouring alcohol-based toners on my face and later kept wondering why isn’t my skin getting better. Alcohol just goes well with your cocktails honey; you don’t need it on your skin! I included Plum toner in my daily skincare regime, it has been my constant since the beginning of 2018, and the most loyal skincare companion of mine. It is present with green tea extracts and glycolic acid. Alcohol-free is a big plus point for me, alcohol-based toners tend to dry out our skins, this particular toner helps in keeping my skin hydrated. I found a gem, and I wish I knew I can recycle this bottle earlier; I would have given back my bottles to plum for recycling them, now that I know, I’m going to ask for a pick-up!

  • Hand cream- Crème Caramel

This one is a new favorite, started using this in the beginning of 2020, I’m on my second tube currently, and totally loving this. I never took hand creams seriously till I hit the road frequently and different weather conditions of various places I visited started making my palms extremely dry & flaky. Okay, travel is on hold for now, this may seem funny but this hand cream has helped me a lot during this lockdown, washing utensils damaged my palms ( no I am not a princess, that happens when certain soap is harsh on your skin, so stop rolling your eyes), this one is a savior, all the dish wash bars and liquids are pretty harsh for my hands,

Applying just pea-size of this cream soothes my hands and this fragrance is my favorite. Do give it a try. It’s not at all sticky, quickly absorbs into my skin like soft butter, without leaving any oily residue, best cream I got my hands on.

I’m glad to have found this brand.

Please check out the plum goodness website ( for the ingredient list of different products, i.e. products suitable for your skin type, research a lot more than just what you’ve read on my blog, I’m not a product reviewer or a critic, what suits me won’t suit you and vice versa. Like I said skincare is extremely personal. We all have different skin types and this is an appreciation post for a brand which is made in India, Not sponsored. I spent my money to buy these products and I’ve been genuinely using them, my goal is to have a 100% Indian brand wardrobe (i.e. clothes, skincare, accessories all made in India), I think I’m off to a great start, already made 80% changes, I’m super proud of myself.

The Indian skincare market will reach new heights in another few years and I would rather buy a skincare product made by an Indian brand considering the needs of Indian skin with melanin.

If you too use products of a brand that makes awesome vegan cruelty-free products do let me know in the comment section. I would love to use them. Until next time, Wildflowers, don’t forget to be gentle with your skin. Drink Plenty of water, eat fruits, and don’t forget to pamper your skin with your favorite skincare product once in a while.

Don’t be hard on yourself, no product works overnight, eat well, exercise for 20minutes daily, think right, and feel right. You’re beautiful don’t burden yourself with the weight of other’s opinions. Have a great week. Keep Smiling both insides out. Signing off, Until next time.

NOTE: The leaves and flowers used in the above image were not plucked they wilted and fell in their respective pots, used them for the product and left them in the pot again. (not as fancy as you think I am), and I know that’s a pear and not a plum, I ate that too, nobody wastes food under my watch. see you later lovelies.

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