Good evening my beautiful wildflowers, I hope you all are safe and doing well. I started traveling solo in 2016, and finally started my blog in 2020. Today on the occasion of my blogs 1st anniversary I want to express gratitude to each one of you, thank you for reading my blogs on this platform. I’m extremely grateful to my readers who have supported me in my journey. I started thebrownwildflower last year exactly on this day, i.e., 14-05-2020, 12 months of actually turning my dream into reality, 12 months of writing about travel and lifestyle amidst the pandemic, mostly just writing about it without actually traveling during the pandemic, I remember my first introductory blog where I mentioned every tiny detail as to why I am starting thebrownwildflower and why I will be posting about travel during this pandemic. I was grateful for the response I got back then, and I am grateful for the continuous support even today.

“We must find time to stop and thank the people who make a difference in our lives.”
-John F. Kennedy

I have a long list of people I am forever grateful for, Big thank you to My website developer for helping me build this platform brick by brick, thank you to my friends who kept pushing me to start my blog, thank you to my mother who is my biggest cheerleader, no matter what I create she thinks I’m the best. Nobody will ever love and believe in me as much as you do, thank you to my brother who doesn’t exactly know what I do, yet thinks I might someday travel to the moon as well. Thank you to My sister in law who not only supports me but also thoughtfully buys me props for the blog. I don’t think I would ever actually start writing if I missed the chance to meet all the great people I have met throughout my solo travel journey. I am thankful to each one of you who are reading my travel blogs, thank you for showing same interest while watching my throwback pictures as much as you would have appreciated something captured recently. The journey so far hasn’t been a cake walk; I have had my fair share of stormy days. It can’t be sunny all the time. There wouldn’t be any wildflowers without the rain, don’t you agree? A year ago, this was just a dream, to travel solo, to learn more, to write about my experiences, I am proud to actually have lived through this stormy dream, living life one day at a time. Last but not the least I’m grateful to Myself, for taking this path and walking on it gracefully. I will never forget the day I told my Dad, I don’t want to do a desk job, and he smiled with approval, what I am today is because of him, because he didnt burden me with his expectations or try to clip my wings, I’m a free spirit because a father believed in his daughter, success isn’t how much you have, it’s how much something makes you happy.

I remember a year and half ago, I was thrilled to start my blog, to travel through coastal towns of Maharashtra, things didn’t go according to the plan in 2020 after the pandemic hit India, if you ask me if I’m proud of myself? Then my answer is, Yes absolutely. I took a risk, and I’m extremely proud of myself, and as much as I believe in my dream, I thank you all for believing in me, for not bashing me for writing about my travel stories (during this pandemic).

Past few weeks have been tough, India is fighting against Covid-19 and it just didn’t feel right to post anything on social media, I have taken innumerable breaks from social media this year since I started my blog, and I don’t regret anything. I think I’m ready to be active on social media again, Let me elaborate why I decided to go ahead with my travel blog plans. I see many people trying to belittle creators for posting their work on various social media platforms, people want creators to feel guilty, people ask why are you posting even throwback pictures, why are you so insensitive?

Well, everyone is sensitive enough, everyone is fighting a battle no one knows about, are other people not working? Are they not following their regular schedule? Even if it is work from home? Aren’t you opening your laptops at 9am sharp to work and closing by 5pm (or even working long hours)? I am not comparing anything, everyone needs to keep busy with their work, don’t you agree? During these testing times we need to be kinder, if you dislike certain video unfollow, if you don’t like few articles, simply unsubscribe, don’t like images just block, we need to be thoughtful of our words and actions, take a break from social media, people are facing issues we know nothing about, don’t blurt out mean comments on social media.

I was and I’m still worried, I feel it isn’t the right time. Many of us have chosen a career path which is different, not everyone works 9-5 and its okay, as long as someone is sitting at home and creating/uploading something on social media i.e., creating something informative or entertaining, I don’t think anyone should have a problem with it. Do let me know your take on this, I would definitely like to hear your point of view. I’m blessed that none of you have criticized me yet for writing on a sensitive topic like travel. (Never in my wildest dreams I imagined a topic like travel would be this controversial).

I have not completed my journey yet, I have just taken a few steps, stay with me longer, support me like you all always have? I know we will have a good time together; this is just the beginning, I hope this platform was helpful to you in some way during this year, this is just the beginning, the world is big and we have a lot to see and learn. I am also thankful to those kind people who message me saying I inspire them, honestly kind people like you inspire me, people who agree to the fact that everyone is different, people who appreciate the difference.

I’m grateful where I’m at and excited about where I’m going, I moved to a new city, I’m learning a lot about myself and the career path I have chosen, thank you for being patient with me. I am thankful to those strangers who believe in me when I have slightest bit of urge to quit, I keep low-key, during such days I receive messages from these kind readers asking me to continue, asking me not to give up on my dream, I’m blessed to have such amazing people, you all are god sent.

Time flies, One year down,  many to go. Looking forward to creating more magic on this platform, stay connected my beautiful wildflowers, keep supporting. Thank you.

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