Avisa Nila beach resort, Devbag,
is situated at a distance of 8km from Malvan in the Sindhudurg District of Maharashtra. Devbag is famous for Devbag-Sangam (Confluence of the Arabian Sea and Karli River).  Scenic narrow lanes lead to this well-planned property (Avisa Nila Beach Resort) which is spot on Devbag beach.

I first went to Avisa Nila in April 2019, and after that it’s been a yearly ritual to visit Avisa, sometimes to shoot, and sometimes to relax and rejuvenate. Now that I live in the Sindhudurg district, the once-a-year ritual has turned to twice a year. (Grinning)

I’m extremely choosy when it comes to the places I stay at. Choosy doesn’t mean I stay only at top-rated properties. It means whether it is a homestay, a hotel, or a luxurious villa, Cleanliness, hygiene and good location are always my top-most priorities, based on which I select the place, and Avisa Nila surely fits like a glove in my criteria.

Avisa Nila was a random find on making my trip, honestly, the pictures were too good to be true. Devbag is a rural area hence finding a hotel with a well-maintained pool, and the view of waves crashing on the shore from the balcony was pretty much dream-like in 2019.

Let us continue further to know my first impression about Avisa Nila, first things first, so here I’m talking about my first trip in 2019, and from there I will tell my experience I have had over the years.


It definitely was love at first site, Avisa’s property is huge, surrounded by trees and plants, after entering the premises there is a huge parking space, enough to accommodate cars and two-wheelers. After walking further, to the left is Chimni the cafe, there are a bunch of Sparrows (Chimni in Marathi) hopping and chirping on trees around the restaurant. The seating area of the restaurant is clean and comfortable. One can see the pool and seaside from the restaurant.

On the Right side of Chimni, the café is Avisa Nila’s reception area, where Mr. Duming Ludrik manager of the hotel, and receptionist Bhagyashree are present to welcome the guests. Right above the reception area are sea view Deluxe rooms. I stayed in the glass cottage during my first visit to Avisa Nila.

There are two buildings which have sea view, partial sea view and garden view rooms, priced accordingly. Further ahead of the reception area is a huge swimming pool, there is a short-fenced wall between the pool and the beach. The location of Avisa Nila is amazing. There are many resorts nearby however the best thing about Avisa has to be their well-maintained swimming pool and accessibility to the beach.

My first impression of Avisa Nila was greater than expected. Considering the location Avisa has a lot to offer. Moving ahead to my stay at Avisa.



On the right side of the pool are cute glass cottages. Built with glass on all sides and covered with blackout curtains. Glass cottages provide double beds and behind the bed is a small area for arranging clothes on hangers and a wooden stand bench for luggage.

In my honest opinion, glass cottages are great for a maximum of two adults, otherwise, it may seem a little cramped. The cottages are well built, and all the basic amenities are provided inside the cottage, like an Air conditioner, television, mini-fridge, electric kettle, intercom, Tea/Coffee sachets, milk powder, etc. The bathing area and restroom both are extremely neat and clean. Kudos to the housekeeping staff.

Coming to the room service inside the glass cottage, according to my experience opting to have tea and snacks is fine inside the cottage, however, if you’re planning a three-four course meal with two or more people it won’t be comfortable. There is a spacious dining area i.e., Chimni the café, so it will be more convenient to dine there instead of glass cottage rooms. Over the years they have made provisions for guests to dine beside the pool which is right outside the glass cottages, however, it Is a big no when it comes to dining inside the room.

Only the last glass cottage which is nearest to the beach provides a sea view, the rest all are pool-facing cottages, but again the biggest advantage is the location. Devbag beach is a few steps down from the hotel property.

My stay at the glass cottage has always been pleasant, credit also goes to the staff who are always on their toes to make sure customers are happy and satisfied with the service. I’ve either travelled solo or with friends to Avisa Nila and stayed in Glass cottage, and like I said the place is great for two people.

My experience with the glass cottages from 2019 to 2021 was amazing. If I have to rate my experience on a scale of 1/5 I would rate GLASS COTTAGE- 4/5.


After the lockdown restrictions were eased, I visited Avisa again in 2021. and this time onwards I decided to stay in the Deluxe Sea view room, which is right above the reception area. The rooms are well-lit, much bigger than the glass cottages. The linens are white and fresh. The deluxe rooms have wardrobes with attached mirrors, there is also a mini-fridge in the wardrobe. Also, there is a tea table provided inside the room, the attached balcony has a cute seating area overlooking the beach. I’m totally in love with Avisa Nila, especially for the view. It is my go-to place for relaxation. Avisa Nila doesn’t allow stag entry into the resort, only families and couples are allowed. Hence it is a place where I feel safe and comfortable.

I’ve had my most relaxing staycations at Avisa. Good food, good mood, and the best view.

I am attaching photos taken from sea view cottages for reference.

These rooms are super comfortable to have meals, there is no issue if you decide to opt for room service.

They provide free Wi-Fi, which is a plus point.

I had some issue regarding the washroom; however, it was immediately resolved by the hotel’s maintenance staff. Incidentally Mr. Gosh the owner of Avisa Nila was present there during my visit, and he took the feedback sportingly and made sure there was no further inconvenience.

My favorite part of the day at Avisa Nila is during sunset. I love watching the sunset from the balcony, it feels surreal. I can sit there for hours, listening to the waves and some soft music, it’s the most heavenly feeling of all.


The swimming pool is equally amazing, it’s spacious enough for a bunch of people to take a refreshing dip. The water is frequently cleaned and maintained. Accessibility of the pool is subject to Covid-19 rules and regulations issued by the government.


No doubt the food is good, but during the off-season, you might not have many options to choose from. Though their limited menu is quite good as well. During the season, the kitchen runs full-time in full-swing. There are a variety of options for breakfast, like Poha, Upma, Sheera, Ghavane, Bread butter, Omelettes, and much more. Even for lunch and dinner, they have a wide range of menu, starting from malvani food, to Chinese and Punjabi. I thoroughly enjoy my meals at Avisa. The restaurant staff is friendly, and always happy to feed their customers. You can enjoy fritters and tea by the poolside. The food is hygienic and fresh; the seafood is scrumptious and not to be missed when you’re at Avisa.


I haven’t given 5/5 for everything, as there is still scope for improvement and I am sure they will be the no.1 beach property in coming years.

My overall experience has always been outstanding and I know Team Avisa will always provide their customers with top-notch hospitality.


If you’re planning a vacation to Malvan, Tarkarli, or Devbag. Avisa Nila is the ultimate place for you to stay and enjoy quality time with your loved ones, the property is great accessibility-wise as well. You can make direct bookings via MakeMyTrip, goibibo or you can call the hotel for bookings.

NOTE: As I have mentioned in my earlier blog as well, this isn’t a sponsored review. All my staycations at Avisa are solely funded by myself. If Avisa ever decides to host me, I will definitely let my readers know regarding the same.

Thank you for reading this blog, see you soon my lovely wildflowers. Until we meet again.

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