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June’2016, Mumbai, I was on my way to the airport for my first solo trip, my heart was racing, stuck in traffic I had just one question in my mind, how bad do you want this? After running around and making it on time I boarded the flight, next 4 days I was on my own, I learned so much about myself and the world around me, those four days were simply dedicated to self-love, travel, food, and kindness, that is exactly when I understood how important it was for me to have a career I’m passionate about, and promised myself to never let go of this dream. Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”-Harriet Tubman. After returning home I decided to travel more often and write about my travel experiences. 3 years of traveling and quite a few experiences later I’m so glad to finally connect with you all through THEBROWNWILDFLOWER.

“The Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. ~ LAO TZU

My name is Ashwini Ashok, I am a Creative Writer/Storyteller, I write about Travel and Lifestyle, I’m currently living in Navi Mumbai, India. In 2016, I was in my final semester of International business, when I decided to travel solo, I took my first solo trip in between my exam schedule, well I came back and cleared the rest of the exams too. I’ve a diploma in Human resource management and post graduate diploma in international business, it takes a lot of walking and stumbling till you finally find what you’re truly passionate about, i wrote a lot since childhood , but it took me 25 odd years and two irrelevant degrees before i could finally say, this is my calling, i truly love what i do, and wake up everyday with a purpose and passion to write. I always told my Father I don’t want to do a 10-5 job, he smiled and nodded with approval, I cannot thank him enough for not burdening me to do something I was not comfortable with. So finally In September 2016 I enrolled for a Diploma in creative writing, as I wanted to learn the basics of writing and storytelling, I scored distinction and got my certification in 2018, took a few more solo trips. and, here I am, a traveler who writes about her experiences related to travel, food, kindness, and more.

The Brown Wildflower is a travel and lifestyle blog, brown is the color of earth, wood, strong branches and the bark of a tree, and me, the color brown signifies warmth, wholesomeness, reliability, simplicity, honesty, also everything natural and organic, wildflower is a sign of freedom, a flower that grows beautifully on its own, without human intervention.  The Brown Wildflower is a journey of a girl who believes in kindness, freedom , and individuality. I believe in Humanity, I believe in live and let live, I believe in the beauty of nature, I believe in watching sunsets every day, I believe in gratitude, I believe in traveling a lot, I believe that salty seawater is the cure for everything, I believe in smiling a lot, I believe it’s okay to cry, I believe in loving myself, I believe in just being myself no pressure whatsoever, I believe there are second chances if you are willing to try hard enough, I believe in karma, I believe in art, I believe in non-judgemental attitude, there is no cross-checking, I won’t ask you to believe in the same things, it’s okay to disagree, irrespective of your belief system I will just ask you to hop on, our ride together of The brown Wildflower will be an amazing one.
I don’t remember when exactly I fell in love with traveling, it happened slowly then all at once, must have been when I was little, with every city dad was transferred to mom had a headache but I secretly loved it(I hope mom isn’t reading this), I have changed 5 schools until the age of 15 and I loved it, new friends, new places to explore, learning new languages, and the best part is I never felt left out, everyone was very welcoming, and the reason I always vouch for kindness and humanity is that I met such wonderful people along the way.

I’m a beach lover, I also adore the mountains, rivers, streams, waterfalls, I love nature and hence love the entire package, I will always choose everything natural and organic, you won’t see everything glittery on this page, everything is just going to be raw and real. Here I will write about my experiences and experiments, no judgments only kindness.I’m still learning new things, about myself, traveling, about fellow human beings, I want to keep an open mind and want to keep learning beautiful things throughout my life. From 2016 to 2019, I have taken most of my solo trips to the coastal Maharashtra Konkan region, I will be writing a lot about it, also I traveled to Chandigarh, Dharamshala, Dalhousie, Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Amritsar in 2017. I want to travel to every corner of India, get to know various cultures, and leave a positive impact on every place I go. Traveling solo has taught me a lot, but mostly it taught me to stay grounded, I travel like I know nothing, want nothing but just the memories (Maybe a souvenir or two from the local artisans), I travel to appreciate the beauty of nature, I travel to experience different cultures, and when I leave a certain place I always make sure I am not taking much, the goal is to just take the memories and leave trails of kindness behind. You’ll get to know more about me and my journey on the brown wildflower. May our vibe be the best, coffee strongest, and our souls the kindest.

NOTE: Currently the world is facing a pandemic, I hope everyone is safe. We wanted to go live in the month of February, but we decided to postpone, As the situation worsened It didn’t feel sensitive enough to start a travel Blog, it just didn’t feel right to write about traveling, but at the same time I don’t wish to further delay this, I’ve faith soon things will be back to where everything was bright and sunny until then let us relive our old memories related to traveling, till we get to witness the beauty of nature once again. I and my website developer started working on the brown wildflower in January. The travel content you will be reading until I start traveling again, is from June 2016 to September 2019, we will be meeting every week on this platform, stay home, stay safe, also let us pray together for the world, we will overcome this together.



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