In the year 2018, I was on a family vacation to goa. We stayed at Siolim for a few days, and from there we went to Calangute to stay by the beach. All four of us in the family have a different definition of travel and leisure, and I love it. Individuality rocks bro. Why am I mentioning the 2018 family trip in 2023? Well, that is when I first came to know about this ancient 12th-century Mahadev temple, while surfing through the list of offbeat places to visit in Goa. It is since then I wanted to visit the Tambdi surla temple. For some reason, we couldn’t go back to 2018. 

Every year after that, Whenever I visited Goa, I kept thinking about Tambdi surla temple. The only reason I kept postponing my visit is because the temple is located a few kilometers away from major tourist spots in Goa. Also, our minds are conditioned in such a way that we are always looking for familiar things, we are always in search of comfort. I apologize if you feel I’m generalizing this topic. Well, most of us are scared of being spontaneous, or we fear listening to our hearts.

Every time I planned my Tambdi surla trip, I would always calculate the distance, which was more than a hundred kilometers and I would give health excuses or would blame the climate and just postpone my plan. However, I manifested going to Tambdi Surla in 2022 and the first two months of 2023, and guess what? You may call me crazy, however, I call this my faith. Mahadev made sure; I went to visit him.

Finally, on the 1st of march this year, I went to visit Tambdi surla. If you’re going to Madgaon anytime soon, do visit this beautiful temple which is at a distance of 58 km from madgaon station. If you’re a nature lover go in the monsoon, even I will be going again during monsoon season. The route leading to Tamdi surla is lush and green, it is near the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollem National Park.

A few meters before the main temple entrance flows river Ragada, (via village Keri, Sattari) this river is reachable for ritual bathing by a flight of stone steps.

The surrounding area of the temple is neat and clean. The garden surrounding the temple is well maintained. Even though it was scorching hot outside the temple, after entering the temple I felt cool and calm. I offered flowers and my prayers to lord Shiva, did I ask for anything? No, I didn’t, I don’t know why, since childhood I never asked anything whenever or wherever I went to pray. I just ask the divine energy to bless me with wisdom and power, yes also I ask for world peace. Damn, in short, I burden God with many things and just because I don’t ask for materialistic things, I feel I’m such a lovely kid. Anyway, let me tell you a few things about this divine place.

Due to the red rocks found in the Vicinity of this village, this place was named Tambdi Surla. The lord shiva temple at Tambdi surla was built by the Kadamba Yadava dynasty in the 12th century making it one of the oldest temples of Goa.

For the construction of the temple basalt was carried across the mountains from deccan plateau by the craftsmen. The temple is built in Kadamba style. This temple is the only representation of basalt construction made by the Kadamba dynasty which is preserved and available at this point in goa. The temple remains untouched due to its remote location in the deep forests at the foot of the western ghats surrounding it.

Tambdi surla temple which is dedicated to lord Shiva is similar to the temples of Aihole which are in Karnataka, Goa’s neighboring state.

Inside the temple is a Dimly lit area where the Linga is mounted, and the local legend says a huge king cobra is a permanent resident inside the interior. The carvings in the sanctum are beautiful and delicate.

The temple faces east so that the first rays of the rising sun shine on the deity. There is a headless Nandi (bull, Shiva’s vehicle) in the center of the mandap, the bell at the entrance is gorgeous, it immediately caught my attention. Attaching the picture below.

I reached the temple at 11:30 pm, post which the crowd started increasing, I decided to take a walk around the temple. Though the temple is small in comparison to other temples in Goa, it stands out, first because it was built in the 12th century, and second because of the type of art that has been carved on the walls. I was happy to pose with my trishul tattoo which I got a month back.

I was clicking pictures near the temple when a random elderly Uncle came and called me, I followed him to a wall, which was the wall behind the Shiv Linga, and he showed me two coins which he and his friend stuck to the wall with the help of nothing but natural magnetic energy, he told me not everyone can do it, however, if you wish to try here’s a two rupee coin, go on, try your luck, I tried twice, it did not stick, I’m not a person who believes in luck, I believe in faith and destiny, I closed my eyes and kept Chanting om namah shivay, without asking for anything, not even for a wish to come true, I opened my eyes and the coin was on the wall, I think the magnetic energy must be our faith, faith that we hold on to. More than me I saw that Uncle was extremely happy, he repeatedly kept saying not everyone can do it, and it’s great that you did it. He asked me where I was from, I spoke to him for a minute and left the temple premises. I saw him again after a few minutes proudly telling everyone I was able to stick the coin on the wall. I don’t know the legend behind the coin and the wall. However, I was elated to see a random man cheering for me, and saying such nice things about me.

At the end of the day, it is all about faith. For faith, we live. We don’t always visit temples to ask for something. Sometimes we just go, pray and offer our thanks. Which we call gratitude, for being alive, for eating well, for having good health, and for being able to try despite not succeeding immediately. To keep trying is also faith, faith that someday our efforts will be counted and we will make it. 

I don’t want to sound too philosophical, so take what suits you and leave what doesn’t. however, be happy in whatever path you choose. May Mahadev always be with you, and may he protect you from evil today and forever.

And, finally, I visited Tambdi surla, I am at peace now. Just waiting for the monsoon so that I can see the Ragada river and Mahadev temple lit up during the day with rain drops. 

I hope you enjoyed reading this blog, see you next week.


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