It’s been six months since I moved to Sindhudurg district, Life is pretty good. I often travel to nearby coastal towns. (I won’t be traveling for at least a few months now, due to the latest COVID-19 guidelines issued by the government of Maharashtra). 

Now that I’m living in Konkan I realize how much I missed being amidst nature. I remember feeling guilty every time I took a break, Does that happen to you? Do you feel we are awfully busy glorifying the hustle that we forget to pause for a brief moment to simply breathe and enjoy the present as it is? I appreciate the fact that each one of us is capable of dreaming, aiming, and achieving. I genuinely appreciate it, I appreciate our differences. I have my own dreams and goals, just like many I work twice as hard, I understand the hustle, there is just one thing I fail to understand, why do we feel so guilty to pause between the hustle? 

When our hustle has no limits, why does taking guilt-free breaks and pausing have limits. 

Yes of course we all have jobs to get back to, 

but can we stop associating guilt with everything? 

We need to Sit back and relax,

our mental well-being is more important than constantly running behind our schedule,

we must learn to breathe easy.  I have felt so guilty during the breaks I took, After a while, I realized working round the clock doesn’t make me more competent, or efficient. It just takes away my ability to think clearly, I’m learning to take small breaks, I love pausing and restarting. Remember this, there is no Shame In taking countless breaks for your mental wellbeing.

I took one such guilt-free break and went on a one-day trip to Bhogwe a in the month of january, Bhogwe is a small and beautiful coastal village in Vengurla taluka, Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra. I have been to Bhogwe in 2017 as well,  (Honestly, I rode for an hour just to sit by the beach and eat vada pav, I think I had three, not just one). I was much carefree back then. This village was more secluded in 2017 . I remember stopping by the main beach with just one vada pav stall, and a solo traveler having breakfast at that stall, there were hardly any people apart from us on that beach. Also, How can I forget to mention there was no network in bhogwe in 2017. (No jio, Airtel, or Vodafone network at least). I have seen bhogwe beach from Devbag Sangam multiple times, my curiosity always wanted to see what is on the other side. I’m happy to have explored this tiny precious village.

Unlike 2017, this time I decided to travel by auto from Kudal to Bhogwe. Bhogwe is 27km from kudal, and 26km from Malvan. The auto ride from Kudal to bhogwe was bumpy yet interesting. The roads leading to this coastal heaven are narrow yet gorgeous, I could hear birds chirping throughout my journey. Little trees on both sides of the road with freshly blooming red flowers and wild berries. Every part of Konkan is beautiful and blessed with nature and bhogwe is no exception. Every time I visit a coastal place I wonder how it must be during the monsoons, the sea must be pretty rough at bhogwe during the monsoon I guess. As I traveled to this beauty in the month of January, the weather was extremely hot and humid during the day and quite peaceful by sunset. I Had fun relishing on kokum juice. (Local drink made from kokum fruit). 

As I mentioned Bhogwe is a small village, with selective resorts and narrow lanes, the people here are kind and extremely hard-working. You can see people walking in scorching heat for miles to reach their desired destination. This part of Konkan is peaceful compared to the neighboring coastal villages. Bhogwe is a gem of coastal Maharashtra, clean and secluded. I wish it remains like this forever. The owner of my homestay told me there are just two Auto-rickshaws in the entire village, so you can imagine how tiny it actually is.

If you are looking for a place to unwind after a long working week, Bhogwe is the place for you. This place has the best sunset among all the beaches I have visited in Konkan.

I took this trip with no itinerary in mind, yet I had the best 24 hours at this beautiful location. I chased seagulls and ate scrumptious homemade food, soaked in the sun (I got sunburnt), walked on the shore, and saw the sun kissing the sea during sunset (Cheesy I know).

This place still doesn’t have a proper network, unless you are at the main beach entrance. Having absolutely no network has its own pros and cons, to be honest. It felt good to be disconnected from the world for a while. (24 hrs to be precise.) I was staying at a homestay, with direct access to the beach, but zero networks. The beach in the Bhogwe region is rocky yet clean, I tried to climb on the hard rocks barefoot, and trust me you don’t want to do that, it hurts. 

Bhogwe beach had the friendliest yet most mischievous doggos on the shore.  This trip is by far the best break I have had in a while. I didn’t force myself to click pictures, I didn’t chase a target, I just swirled along with the winds. ( I did chase puppies at the beach though.)

What did I learn from this trip? Be wild and free, and just take that guilt-free break. You, yes I am talking to you. You will achieve your target, you will meet your deadlines, cut yourself some slack, sit back and relax, Next time you feel you need some time off, don’t forget to pause and breathe easy. Taking a break doesn’t necessarily mean you pack your bag and go someplace far, do things that make you happy, do things that add value to your life, do things just because you want to not because you have to, or absolutely don’t do anything, just breathe in and breathe out. Live life one day at a time, you’re doing your best.

The signing of, Have a beautiful week ahead my lovely wildflowers, Keep Smiling and Believe in yourself.

Note: If your City is under a lockdown, I urge you all to sit at home, stay safe, and wear masks when necessary. Sending lots of good vibes your way. 

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