Hello, my beautiful wildflowers.

Wishing you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year. May this year bring love, luck, happiness and a ton of new opportunities in your life.

How are you doing?
I’m back after a long break,
this isn’t my first break from social media and my blog, but it definitely is the longest break of them all.
I missed posting here and connecting with you all.

I started this blog on 14th May 2020, my purpose was to present my solo travel stories and take you lovely people on a virtual journey to coastal Maharashtra.
I last traveled to Konkan in October 2019, all my travel plans came to a standstill due to the covid-19 outbreak and the lock-down imposed due to the same.
I didn’t travel for over a year due to the pandemic. (no regrets)

I resumed traveling in December 2020, its been a few days since I have relocated to Konkan, I can’t believe I am living on my own, like a grown-up.

It wasn’t convenient for me to travel by public transport frequently,
I have certain limitations Due to my health. So, after much speculation, doubts I’m finally here.

From now on you will see fresh travel and lifestyle content on this blog, and I hope just like me you will love these blogs related to nature, culture, and much more.

What should I tell you about this new place? it is absolutely charming!

There is a moringa tree right outside my window, where birds like bulbuls, kingfisher, cuckoo, and other tiny birds chirp all day long. There are a bunch of monkeys residing on a nearby tree, they seem quite mischievous, even the baby monkeys.

There are also gorgeous Sapodilla trees with countless fruits in this neighborhood.

I sometimes hike for a few minutes to get my lunch. (ha-ha just being sarcastic, am I? not really.)

The atmosphere here is tranquil, people are pretty helpful, even though the place is new, I think I’m falling in love with this town that I call my home now.

Living away from metropolitan cities has its own advantages, the surrounding is pleasant, my tap water comes straight out of sweet water well (don’t worry I boil it before drinking).

Everything here is new for me, the culture, the markets, there is no mall culture here (not complaining).

I love the food here; it is super fresh and tasty.

House hunting, setting up this new place, getting used to it, took some time, now I have finally started traveling around, plus I’m taking extra precautions due to covid-19, I have decided to travel just twice a month. The idea is to explore the place without having the attitude that I own it. I’m trying to live like a local, also trying to learn malvani.

Just the other day I gave a lift to an old lady, she was communicating with me in malvani, and I had no clue what she was saying, I had the widest smile on my face from the moment she got into the vehicle till we dropped her off. (I was smiling a little too much, let’s all hope she wasn’t asking any serious questions).

I have noticed People aren’t scared of covid-19 any longer, but everybody is cautious.

I have a lot to explore and I will keep you guys updated, about my lifestyle, my travel schedule, my lovely birds hopping on the moringa tree, and much more.

Till then keep smiling and blooming, you’re awesome and one of a kind!

NOTE: Another important thing I would like to mention is about my train journey, I observed people, and I can tell one thing they aren’t going by the rules, I request all of you to please take the necessary precautions, wear a mask, carry a sanitizer, don’t travel if you’re symptomatic. Covid-19 is very much there, the new normal isn’t really normal, please take care of yourself and your family. Wearing a mask will protect you and everyone around you. I know it has been a year since we are surrounded by this scary virus, but taking precautions is all we can do from our side.

Not all remote places are equipped with medical facilities, our healthcare workers are trying their best, but it is our responsibility to obey the rules and take care of ourselves and our surroundings. Take care my wildflowers.

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