Video content vs Blogs? Vlogging vs Blogging, which one is better? I’m a creator, you’re the viewer/reader. You tell me which is better?

Blogging and Vlogging are two different concepts. Blogging consists of written content, whereas vlogging consists of video content. Vlog word is originated from a blog.

Even though both these concepts seem alike, they aren’t, it would be unfair to compare them and their potential. Now you may say “No but the content is content no, it’s not rocket science, doesn’t matter what you create”. I have a question for you if you don’t mind. Did you attach video files to your exam answer sheets? It is the same no; you could have mailed your videos to your respective university. Do you write emails or ask for office leaves via facetime? Every profession serves a different purpose, art comes in different forms, our perspectives are different and so are our goals, some want to express themselves via painting, some via singing, some via writing and there are people who express via videography.

Instead of keeping up with the trends or forcing someone to keep up with trends why not Try to keep a healthy balance between consuming video content and Written content. There is no way to distinguish which is better or worse, both have their unique purpose. Also, most importantly, next time you see a creator who writes for a living, please don’t ask them to create video content. Creating Reels is different, Reels and YouTube aren’t the same, not everyone likes putting out their content on youtube, and it is okay. Let people be, let them express through the mode they are comfortable with.

There are people who love reading and I never saw them forcing videographers to write, not everyone can write just like not everyone can do YouTube or full-time video content creation.

As much as I believe in freedom of expression, the difference in perspectives, I don’t understand this race, Maybe I never will. Now even after 5 good years since I started traveling solo, People and their suggestions keep pouring in, one of the most common suggestions being, Start making videos, create a YouTube account, people no longer want to read. Blogging is out of trend, So, to gain viewers attention you must keep up with the trends.

Honestly, I just have one question, who decided blogging is out of trend? If everybody would have decided to keep up with the video trend, newspapers, books, and magazines would have succumbed. Did they? No, they didn’t and they never will. If reading is considered as “out of trend”, then something is terribly wrong with our generation. Yes, there is a drastic decline in the number of people who prefer reading, maybe video content is easier to consume. Reading takes time, writing takes time, and in this fast-paced life, we don’t have time to stop and read.

However, did you ever wonder, what if J.K. ROWLING never wrote Harry, potter? How do I further explain this, you saw harry potter come to life in movies because J.K ROWLING wrote it first, otherwise there wouldn’t have been the great harry potter series.

Coming to video content making, video creation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea same goes with writing. Many trends came and disappeared in thin air, writing isn’t a trend, writing and reading are gold, and just like gold, they will never lose value. Have you seen gold prices crashing just because you think it isn’t trendy enough?

Why do I prefer writing over other mediums of expression on digital platforms? Through the medium of my writing, I am expressing my perspective. My readers are free to imagine their individual perspectives. My videos will simply show you the life I am living, on the other hand, my written content will fuel your imagination, you are free to imagine, you are free to have your own perspective. Reading will never go out of style; class never goes out of style.

I love video content, both YouTube and Instagram Reels are super cool, however as of now I don’t wish to create visual content apart from short reel videos on Instagram, someday in near future maybe, now is not the right time. Just because everyone is doing it I can’t. The main reason I chose writing as my career was that I didn’t want a routine desk job, I wanted to break the pattern and do something different, if I start video creation just because there is immense pressure to do so, I don’t think it will make me happy. I will do YouTube because I want to, it will be my medium of expression to reach out to the larger audience, I won’t do YouTube because written blogs are out of style or less profitable.

Henceforth I will ask people to read more when they will suggest I write less as people aren’t interested any longer. I am no Shakespeare however whatever content flows, is 100% organic, comes straight from the heart.

And, next time you think blogs are dying, let us try and revive them. Read something daily, knowledge is power and there is nothing as powerful as reading a good book, blog, or a crisp newspaper early morning before leaving for work. Remember trends will come, they will stay, few will succumb, on the other hand writing and reading are here to stay forever.

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