Life Update: Creativity, Writers block, Meditation and looking at life from a different perspective.

Change is the only thing that remains constant,

While pursuing creative writing I learned, Writers’ block is nothing but lack of discipline and I quite agreed with this statement. Learning creative writing was fun, after all, I was doing something I always wanted to do along with traveling.

In the course of creative writing as writers, we are taught the importance of Empathy, an open eye to the outside world and the world within us, and extreme Discipline when it comes to writing.

In My Second semester Project I was asked, what do you think about writer’s block and how can you overcome it? and my obvious answer to it was writer’s block is a term for writer’s lack of discipline. Honestly, at that given point of time, I thought it’s the most perfect answer given by my honest self and it was appreciated by the examiners and I passed with distinction.

Fast forward to March 2020, Due to Covid-19 Pandemic nationwide lock-down was imposed in India, the first few months seemed perfect to write, I had a bundle of ideas ready and flowing for the blog, my mood was pretty unaffected, I was writing, drinking plenty of caffeine, working out, baking cakes, slowly after mid-July I  started to feel burned out, I know I wasn’t the only person affected by the lock-down, the world suddenly came to a standstill for us all. No matter what we did, we compared everything subconsciously to the time before Covid-19 hit us, how happy and productive we were, how we took going out for granted, and even the most basic things like meeting our people felt like a luxury we couldn’t afford, the best of us had our moments of emotional turmoil. Slowly and gradually all of us are getting accustomed to the new normal.

No matter how disciplined my lifestyle was, not being able to go out and see the world took a toll on my creativity. When I began my journey on thebrownwildflower, my aim was to provide raw and genuine content curated from my personal experiences, I will continue to do so, I’m back on my platform after a brief break. I was not willing to cook up random uninteresting stories and serve my lovely readers, I apologize for being missing in action.

So, the question remains whether the term writer’s block is real or not, well, I cannot be sure, but I really needed to take a break and look at life from a different perspective. Creativity is a process, sometimes a long one and there is no point in rushing anything. Every person is different and all I can say is one person’s lack of discipline can be another’s genuine writer’s block and vice-versa. No judgments no comparisons, our journey of life is different. Accepting change, taking a break, and looking at life from another perspective really helps, at least it helped me.

I took a 21-day Art of living meditation challenge on Youtube with Gurudev Sri Sri Ravishankar Ji, it really helped me put life into perspective. After a very long time, I developed a new habit, I did something for 21 days and felt really good about it. Even though the meditation was for 30 minutes daily, I stayed away from my gadgets, no false claims of suddenly being happier or butterflies popping straight out of my head, yet life is much better. I’m ready to come back and create more content. I didn’t want to force something that came naturally to me earlier. I’m still figuring out many things.

I am no expert, all I can say is Take a Break when you feel like it, Sometimes we run out of fuel, it’s okay to stop for a refill, it’s okay to step aside for a while, you’re not giving up, you’re simply giving in some time for yourself to feel rejuvenated, and bounce back with enthusiasm. I thank my readers for always being so loving and patient with me. A big thank you.



NOTE: I applaud every single Content Creator out there who puts out consistent content on the internet. Never complains or gets disheartened by the constant criticism, you have my respect.

Image Credit: Pereanu Sebastian.


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